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Wednesday 14th June 2006
Charity Poker Challenge for Ebay Enthusiasts The Professional eBay’s Seller Alliance (PeSA) will host a charity poker challenge in Las Vegas tomorrow during the eBay Live convention. 100 top eBay sellers, eBay enthusiasts and third-party v...

Wednesday 14th June 2006
Teddy Sheringham Makes Poker Debut Premiership footballer Teddy Sheringham this week made his debut in a new sport this week, taking on top poker professionals at the World Poker Tour (WPT) Mandalay Poker Championship in Las Vegas. ...

Wednesday 14th June 2006
Lederer Joins PPA Board of Directors The Poker Players Alliance (PPA), an organisation of 27,000 American poker players, has announced that world-renowned poker all-star Howard Lederer will join the PPA board of directors. Michael Bo...

Wednesday 14th June 2006
TrueMoneygames Sponsors 31st World Backgammon Championship June 14, 2006 (London, UK) – As with the game of Poker a few years ago the popularity of Backgammon and online Backgammon has seen a rapid increase recently with over one million online players, br...

Wednesday 14th June 2006
CryptoLogic Releases New Online Casino Games Cryptologic has launched the first-ever online version of Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker. Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker aims to combine the appeal of poker with the excitement of a casino card game. Playe...

Wednesday 14th June 2006
Online Poker Site Offers Players Stake in Company TellPoker has launched on the Microgaming network with a unique approach to attracting new customers. Players will have the opportunity to become shareholders in the company, with TellPoker plann...

Wednesday 14th June 2006
CryptoLogic Releases New Games CryptoLogic has launched the first-ever online version of Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, while expanding its casino line up. Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker aims to combine the appeal of poker with the exci...

Wednesday 14th June 2006
Acclaim for Des Wilson’s book on British professional poker As Macmillan prepare for an unprecedented demand for a book on British professional poker, Des Wilson’s sensational book, “Swimming with the Devilfish”, is already being acclaimed. In a review in ...

Wednesday 14th June 2006
IGH Signs Advertising Agreement with MSN Interactive Gaming Holdings Plc (AIM:IGH), the online sports betting and gaming operator, is pleased to announce that it has signed its first online sponsorship agreement with MSN to drive traffic ...

Wednesday 14th June 2006
Online Casino Launches Blackjack Strategy Calculator has launched a Blackjack Basic Strategy Calculator after five years of development. Dubbed the ‘Monster Blackjack Tool’ by site owner Jan Balslev, it allows players to create ...

Wednesday 14th June 2006
The Secrets of Electronic Craps The Secrets of Electronic Craps Pssst...! Wanna know a secret? How about the secrets of winning at electronic craps slot machines? There are a lot of new slot machines in casinos, and a few migh...

Wednesday 14th June 2006
Expert Advice with the Launch of Sportsbook TV, has announced the launch of Sportsbook TV, the first free online video service for anyone betting on their favourite sporting events. Sportsbook TV features news, stats and ins...

Wednesday 14th June 2006
Cokin's Corner Dave Cokin’s Weekly Ramblings on the Sports Scene Welcome to the center stage, Jason Grimsley. Mostly in the major leagues since 1989, Grimsley has managed to maintain one of the longest anonymous...

Tuesday 13th June 2006
Experienced Online Casino Players Wanted has announced it will be sponsoring a writing contest open to all online poker players, offering a cash prize as well as publication of the winning article. Competition entran...

Tuesday 13th June 2006
Online Poker Club Launches Forum The community spirit is in evidence at Titan Poker Club as it launches its eagerly awaited forum, encouraging all online poker players, not just its members, to share their views and opinions as w...

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