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Thursday 22nd June 2006
Online Casino Jackpot Reaches Record High The popular Millionaires Club progressive jackpot at InterCasino just continues to get bigger and bigger. The massive prize has now reached over the $3,160,000 mark and continues to grow at an e...

Thursday 22nd June 2006
African Community United By Online Casino Aid Classes are set to begin in September at the school in Malawi built by The school is already central to the community with the villagers that built the school returning to harvest ...

Thursday 22nd June 2006
Online Bookmaker Expects Superman's Success to Soar The highly anticipated film, Superman Returns, opens on Wednesday, June 28, and expectations are running high that large crowds will go to see the film across the U.S. during its opening weekend. ...

Thursday 22nd June 2006
Comebacks Can Provide Go-Against Spots Comebacks Can Provide Go-Against Spots by Glenn McGrew Emotion is such an important element in the world of handicapping. Athletes are not numbers on a uniform, they are people inside that unifor...

Wednesday 21st June 2006
eCOGRA Launches New Website The online gaming industry’s award winning independent standards authority, eCOGRA has launched a new website, to provide the online gaming population with a tool to find out reliabl...

Wednesday 21st June 2006
Minister Seeks Code for Online Casinos Tessa Jowell, the UK’s culture secretary, is to host a summit in October aiming for international agreement on a new code of practice for offshore gaming centres from Gibraltar, the Cayman Islands...

Wednesday 21st June 2006
Industry Experts Join Forces at the KPI Summit 2006 21st June, 2006 (London, UK) – Fairground Gaming and Chartwell Technology Inc. amongst others, have announced their attendance at the KPI Summit to be held at the Lond...

Wednesday 21st June 2006
Online Casino Portal Introduces Blackjack Guide Online Gambling Insider, has announced the launch of an online blackjack gambling guide designed to cover online casino blackjack games, the best casinos for playing blackjack, as well as game rul...

Wednesday 21st June 2006
Online Casino Offers Odds on USA Coming Good at World Cup The USA football team may be staring World Cup elimination squarely in the face, but that isn’t dampening the interest of American bettors looking to back their team. After a sterling if not heat...

Monday 19th June 2006
Spring Clean for Online Poker Room Online poker room has released an upgraded version of its online poker room software, to cater to the growing demands of players looking for a more authentic online poker room exper...

Monday 19th June 2006
Online Poker Room in iPod Giveaway has launched an exclusive $1 online poker tournament (BloggerPods), offering bloggers the chance to battle it out to win over $700 worth of iPods and cash prizes. The tournament, t...

Monday 19th June 2006
Online Casino Creates Wishing Well One of the world’s most tightly regulated gambling sites, Lasseters online casino, prides itself on listening to the needs of its players and responding with features that keep them coming back fo...

Monday 19th June 2006
FHM Launches Online Casino Cantor G&W International L.P ('Cantor Gaming'), a consultant and provider of online and mobile gaming services has launched 'FHM Casino' on FHM, in partnership with leading media group ...

Monday 19th June 2006
African School Built by Unites Community Construction is Complete and Classes Begin in September June 20, 2006 (Juma, Malawi) – Before it is even open, the school in Malawi built by popular online slot machine site,, is alre...

Sunday 18th June 2006
It’s Gloves off for Online Poker Room The Gloves Are Off! have announced that they are to sponsor Winky Wright in his Middleweight World Championship Boxing bout against Jermain Taylor at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, ...

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