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Monday 15th August 2005
New Football Contest Launched by Leroy’s Leroy’s has been around a long time, but the venerable sports betting shop with locations throughout Nevada making a concerted effort to generate more excitement and bring in new business. To achi...

Monday 15th August 2005
Young Guns On Center Stage With WPT In the next few weeks, the World Poker Tour will be featuring two tournaments that show the best the poker world has to offer from the under 30 set as well as the female side of the game. One of th...

Monday 15th August 2005
Another Big Winner at Online Casino Gertrude S. from Australia celebrated recently a big win close to $600,000 playing Gold Rally at The win comes just after a $1.8 million dollar win, the largest Jackpot in history, pl...

Monday 15th August 2005
GameAccount Forges Deal with Fortune Lounge Group GameAccount, the #1 Skill Gaming supplier and Fortune Lounge Group, one of the original and largest casino groups, today jointly launched a new online skill gaming site: Royal Vegas Games (www.roya...

Monday 15th August 2005
GameAccount Forges Deal with Largest Online Casino Group GameAccount, the #1 Skill Gaming supplier and Fortune Lounge Group, one of the original and largest casino groups, today jointly launched a new online skill gaming site: Royal Vegas Games (www.roya...

Monday 15th August 2005
Online Casino Falls Victim to EBay Sniper Trap A leader in online gaming is among the latest victims of fraud on eBay. The online casino fell prey this week to a 'sniper trap,' involving a bidder's retraction and two phony bids. The casino was...

Monday 15th August 2005
The Secrets of Hop Bets Pssst...! Wanna know a secret? How about the secrets of hop bets? A hop bet is a little understood one roll, verbal bet you can make on any combination of numbers. For example, if you have an int...

Monday 15th August 2005
SportsDirect Celebrates Expansion of Offices and Work Force SportsDirect Inc. announced the expansion of the company to include an office in Las Vegas, Nevada and construction of a bigger office at its Halifax, Nova Scotia headquarters today. The moves come...

Monday 15th August 2005
2005 NFL betting odds: Some terrific proposition wagers If you love football propositions, there are tons to be had with betting odds on just about everything under the sun this 2005 NFL season. Sports bettors love wagering on props, everything from wh...

Friday 12th August 2005
Online Poker's Greatest Single Table Tournament Ever is hosting the greatest single table tournament in online poker history when a stellar line up, with well over $10m in winnings between them this year alone, takes to the table f...

Friday 12th August 2005
Shake up at Moneymaker to Attract Younger Generation Chris Moneymaker, founder of the MoneyMaker eCommerce website, has made an agreement with bep Consulting to give the site an overhaul. The site offers players a Texas Hold’em poker experience and b...

Friday 12th August 2005 posts updated odds for 2006 Stanley Cup has posted updated odds on the quest for the 2006 Stanley Cup, with the fortunes of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers looking brighter following some key o...

Thursday 11th August 2005 Soccer Sponsorship One of the world’s leading poker websites, has signed a deal with the FL Interactive network, which runs UK soccer club’s official websites. The deal will make PokerStars the only po...

Thursday 11th August 2005
HighRollerRadio Brings Internet Poker Show to its Channel Online gaming radio station, has reached an agreement with Major League Poker, who make the ‘On the Felt’ radio show, to broadcast the show on their channel. The online stat...

Thursday 11th August 2005
Make Money from Online Poker It doesn’t take a genius to work out that online gambling is making serious money and according to, anyone can potentially cash-in on the booming online poker market. The onl...

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