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Monday 26th July 2004
New online poker software launched by Playtech Playtech have begun the “soft” launch of new online poker software they have developed. Titled iPoker the product has been launched by using it for some play for fun, not money tables in the last ...

Monday 26th July 2004
Women’s Poker Club announce dates for inaugural tournament The Women’s Poker Club have announced their first land based tournament to be held in Las Vegas from the 9th to the 11th September. The event will be an all female poker tournament to be held at B...

Monday 26th July 2004 Restructures to Launch PPC Engine The most influential website in the iGaming Industry has repositioned itself, after seven years of success, to become a Gambling only search engine, filling a massive gap in the market since Yahoo ...

Monday 26th July 2004
Further growth for online casinos predicted Manu Gambhir the CEO of Kismet International, the company which operates the Harrods online casino, last week stated predictions that online casinos are bound to increase their stake in the entire...

Monday 26th July 2004
Atlantic lottery will host online option early next month In Canada, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation has announced that it will now be selling lottery tickets online. This will be the first Canadian government run gaming organisation to enter the online...

Friday 23rd July 2004
Fantasy Poker’s New Challenge The Fantasy Poker Challenge, the world’s first and only online fantasy poker league, has announced that there is still time to sign up for a free chance to win a holiday for two in the Bahamas. Pl...

Friday 23rd July 2004’s Big Deal If you needed any more evidence that online poker popularity was going through the roof, has announced that it dealt its 100 millionth hand this week since its inception in May ...

Friday 23rd July 2004
100 Millionth Hand Dealt at Mike Ventham, a sales manager from Croydon, was yesterday dealt Europe’s record breaking 100 millionth hand at, Europe’s busiest Poker site. Mike, a lifelong Spurs fan, won $10,...

Friday 23rd July 2004
Betfair and PBL Seal Deal Following the Australian government’s green light to the betting exchanges, Betfair has wasted no time in moving into the Aussie market, yesterday announcing a joint venture with one of the countr...

Friday 23rd July 2004
Casino Agency Launches with The HPS Group has launched a new marketing services agency, Casino Agency, with a specific focus on the ever-expanding online and land based casino and sports betting industries. The venture has re...

Friday 23rd July 2004
Stanley Leisure Reports Marginal Rise in Profits Stanley Leisure has reported that has report a small rise in profits over last year despite fears of a major downturn in land-based casino revenue. The company said today that profits rose by 1% t...

Friday 23rd July 2004
Internet is providing new home for sports fans Much is being written about the growth of the online gambling industry- startlingly impressive statistics being wheeled out to verify the incredible rise in popularity across the board of online be...

Friday 23rd July 2004
Cyber Extortion Ring Smashed The first blow has been struck in the battle against cyber-crime this week, as police from specialist crime units in Britain, Russia and six other countries arrested three Russian men, believed to...

Friday 23rd July 2004
iBetX Opens Markets on Darts World Matchplay Championship Betting exchange is opening a new betting market for the World Matchplay Darts Championship in Blackpool, England this weekend – giving punters more options to play. The market will be f...

Friday 23rd July 2004
It's Juiceless Tonight at Minute Maid Park Bonus MLB Report on Milwaukee & Houston Under 8 -101 - Line available at Pinnacle Sports - Capuano & Clemens - Listed Pitchers - Game goes at 5:05 PM PST., 8:05 PM EST. You can go ahead...

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