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Wednesday 28th June 2006
4KingPoker Launches More Private Poker Tournaments Poker forum is launching several new private tournaments for its members. Launching in July, the 4kingpoker Titan Series is in its third run at 4kingpoker and this time takes the fo...

Wednesday 28th June 2006
Wear the Name, Share the Fame Winning big at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) normally requires great cards or a lucky bluff. Not anymore, according to (FCP) who yesterday announced their 'Wear the name, sh...

Wednesday 28th June 2006
New Generation of Poker for New Breed of Players Predicting the launch of a number of revolutionary 3D poker websites, a new website,, aims to sort the best 3D poker sites from the worst, along with the latest news and foru...

Wednesday 28th June 2006
Players' WSOP Dreams Resurrected has delivered on its promise to save players affected by's alleged inability to send its tournament winners to the World Series of Poker(WSOP) this month. An unfortu...

Wednesday 28th June 2006
BetCRIS and 5Dimes Select LiveHive Solution Real time wagering is having a big effect on the online casino industry. At the forefront of this revolution is the NANOGAMING solution which is being selected by leading sportsbooks and casinos to...

Wednesday 28th June 2006
Online Casino Turns To NANOGAMING Solution Real time wagering is having a big effect on the online casino industry. At the forefront of this revolution is the NANOGAMING solution which is being selected by leading sportsbooks and casinos t...

Tuesday 27th June 2006
Microgaming Poker Network Deals up Record Breaking Hand A considerable slice of poker history was made recently at Microgaming’s Poker Network, when a heads up game delivered the largest pot in online poker history. The two players, who at one stage had...

Tuesday 27th June 2006 Launches Game of Kings Backgammon has long been known as ‘the game of kings’ requiring skills of timing and calculation, and as well as being one of the world's most popular games, it is also one of its oldest with vari...

Tuesday 27th June 2006
Online Casino Sponsors ‘Shakespearian’ Charity Event Online gaming and entertainment giant, has been revealed as the official sponsor of Baron Davis and Paul Pierce's ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream’, an all-star night of poker where top celebr...

Tuesday 27th June 2006
Online Poker Room Launches New Tournaments The irreverently named, yet friendly online poker forum, is set to launch several new private tournaments for its online community, which has grown to over 800 member. From July, 4k...

Tuesday 27th June 2006
Broadcast Veteran Howard David Takes to WSOP Airwaves Bluff Media, publisher of Bluff Magazine and producer of Bluff Poker Radio, announced yesterday that veteran announcer Howard David will head the broadcast as lead play-by-play announcer during Blu...

Tuesday 27th June 2006
Christian Grundtvig Wins €712,500 at the WPT 2006 Christian Grundtvig Wins €712,500 at the WPT 2006 Poker Plex is sending congratulations to poker player Christian Grundtvig, the winner of this year’s Paris World Poker Tout (WPT) No Limit Hold'em...

Tuesday 27th June 2006
Lindgren Triumphant at the Pro Showdown It took nearly four hours for Erick “E-Dog” Lindgren and Mike “The Mouth” Matusow to get heads up at the FullTiltPoker.Net Pro Showdown, but just one hand for Lindgren to claim the victory and the ...

Tuesday 27th June 2006
Titan Tempts New Online Players with Special Bonus Code Titan Poker Club is offering a special promotion for new poker players. For a limited period, all new depositors to Titan Poker, who use the exclusive bonus promo code “clubcash” will receive a com...

Tuesday 27th June 2006
Dramatic Finish as Poland Beat USA in World Cup of Poker Team Poland won the third annual World Cup of Poker. Members of Team Poland defeated Team United States in heads-up play to win the $100,000 top prize in Barcelona. In a dramatic fi...

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