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Jerry Patterson

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  • Jerry PattersonIf you were to ask any knowledgeable gambler who Jerry Patterson is, they can tell you. That is because he is one of the most reputable authorities on casino table games in the industry. He has built his reputation on authoring a series of excellent books that document his incredible and often unique understanding of today's gaming.

    Jerry's gambling systems and instruction company, Jerry Patterson Enterprises, Inc., has been in business since 1977 - longer than any other gambling outfit, and is the oldest and most successful company in the gambling instruction and services field. He has been playing casino blackjack since 1956 and entered the gaming field full-time in 1978 when the Atlantic City casinos opened. His Web Site is:

    An internationally known gaming author, player, and instructor, Jerry is the author of five gaming books:

  • Casino Gambling
  • Blackjack - A Winner's Handbook
  • Sports Betting - A Winner's Handbook
  • Blackjack's Winning Formula
  • Casino Gambler's Winning Edge.

    The two most popular are Casino Gambling and Blackjack: A Winner?s Handbook. Either can be purchased at Amazon by clicking the links below, or at Jerry?s Web Site: