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Frank Scoblete

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  • Frank ScobleteFrank Scoblete grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He went to Our Lady of Angels Elementary School in Bay Ridge and to St. John?s Prep High School in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on a full athletic scholarship. He graduated high school in 1965.

    He attended college on a scholarship as well ? ?this time for brains.? In college, Frank boxed (?I was knocked out in my last fight?) and wrote for the school paper. Frank has three masters degrees.

    From 1969, the year he graduated college, until 1974, Frank worked as a feature writer, then editor, then managing editor, and finally publisher of Island Magazine, a news magazine on Long Island.

    He was the first writer in America to investigate the phenomena of teenagers hanging out in shopping malls, an investigative piece that gained him national attention. During this time, Frank was a frequent free-lance reviewer of books and restaurants for a number New York newspapers and was a frequent guest on radio and television. He also had his own radio program Frank Scoblete Live!

    In 1975, Frank decided to try his hand at acting (?I?ve always been a ham!?). In 1979, Frank co-founded The Other Vic Theatre Company, a professional touring troupe that played dinner theatres, resorts, and charities. From 1979 until he sold his share of the company in 1989, Frank produced, directed and acted in over 50 plays.

    In 1986, Frank was researching the lead role for the hit play, The Only Game in Town ? the story of a down-and-out gambler in Las Vegas. His co-star was Alene Paone. They went to Atlantic City to research their roles. ?I was hooked. I began to realize that I enjoyed the casinos even more than I enjoyed working in the theatre.? Alene and Frank toured in the play for four months, fell in love, and married.

    In 1989, Frank sold his share of the theatre company and began his career as a gaming writer with articles and short stories for Win Magazine. He had spent four years (1986 to 1990) researching, analyzing, and when he could, playing the games. From 1990 to 1992, Frank ?basically lived in the casinos? spending over 200 days in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City ?gathering material and living the life.?

    With the phenomenal success of his first book, Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos in 1991 (which has subsequently become the best-selling craps book of all time), Frank began a successful climb to the top of the gaming mountain. He is now the most well known, respected and sought-after gaming writer in the US.

    Frank has also served as a consultant to IGT, J.Berwin and eGaming Review in England, CNN, the Discovery Channel, ABC, Walter Cronkite, TBS, Silicon Gaming, and The Travel Channel. He has appeared frequently on television. Frank does a weekly radio show from Memphis, Tennessee (The Goodtimes Show, WMC, on the Infinity Broadcasting Network). His ?gaming tips? are broadcast on KATY in California.

    Frank has his own very popular website in association with Casino City/RGT online. The address is Frank is one of the first gaming experts queried when controversial or interesting news stories break in the world of gaming; most recently he contributed to the Washington Post?s analysis of former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett?s slot machine play.

    A charismatic speaker, Frank has been featured at many festivals and symposiums, most recently Sunset Station?s Beat the House Seminar in Las Vegas; The Sharpshooter Craps Festival at Sam?s Town in Tunica, The Las Vegas Craps Festival, Casino Player?s Atlantic City Gaming Festivals at Trump Taj Mahal and The Tropicana; The Casino Player Las Vegas Gaming Festival at The Tropicana; The Midwest Gaming Expo in Chicago; The Harvey Illinois Gaming Festival; The Texas Gamblers Expo in Austin, A Weekend with Frank Scoblete at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas and A Weekend with Frank Scoblete at Sam?s Town in Tunica.

    Frank calls his talks ?instructional entertainment? and they are characterized by a lively stage style, good information, and humor. ?As an actor I always enjoyed performing before a large audience but often found myself performing for less than sold-out shows. As a gaming speaker, it?s standing-room-only!?. Because of the tremendous popularity of Frank?s talks, Paone Press came out with a series of audio cassettes in 1997 featuring him discussing various aspects of casino gaming: Slot Conquest, Sharpshooter Craps, and Power of Positive Playing.

    Frank is a strong advocate of casino gambling ?for fun and hopefully profit? and he has debated anti-gaming advocates in the past. ?While I am a casino gaming advocate in general, I am a player advocate in particular, and I want to see players get the best run for their money. All my books and tapes are geared to giving players the best possible shot at winning.? In that spirit Frank formed the Golden Touch Craps dice control seminars in 2002 with Sharpshooter, Bill Burton and Dominator.

    Some of Frank's most popular books can be purchased by clicking one of the image links below:

    cover cover cover cover