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Lucy Rokach

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  • Lucy RokachLucy's family came to England in 1956 as a consequence of the Suez Crisis when all Europeans were given 24hrs. to leave the country. Originally French speaking, she quickly overcame the language barrier and eventually graduated from Manchester University. After a spell of teaching History she moved on to managing a garage and buying and selling second-hand cars.

    Then, about 20 years ago she caught the poker bug. Playing mainly at her local casino (now Stanley?s) and also the Rainbow in Birmingham and the Rubicon in Wolverhampton. She suffered all the financial 'setbacks' of any novice player who takes on tough opposition but through persistence she gradually became a prolific winner in small tournaments. This very expensive education eventually led to her becoming one of the most successful European players, winning numerous tournaments on the ever expanding circuit. Out of only 5 appearances she has cashed out twice in the main WSOP event and also in many other WSOP side tournaments.

    Playing in Late Night Poker brought her aggressive style of poker to the nation's attention. This in turn led to her becoming a co-commentator on televised poker events where her characteristic honest style of analysis earned her several plaudits. Then Card Player Magazine, recognising her stature among its readership, invited her to contribute a column for its European edition. In these articles she candidly articulates many of the issues confronting modern players.

    Described by Barry Greenstein, in his book as, ? the best woman no limit holdem player in the world?, Lucy has now joined the team and will be writing under ? Rocky?s ramblings?