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Peter Singleton

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  • Peter SingletonPete was born at a very early age (most of us are). he has spent most of his life living in the Cheshire town of Alsager just outside Stoke On Trent. At various points in his life his time has been taken up by Tae Kwon Do, Motorcross, Greyhounds, Racehorses and of course Poker.

    Pete started playing poker about 23 years ago initially playing five card draw and then progressing to Hold'em and Omaha. Pete has been a pro player for about eighteen years and on this point Pete says "until the last two or three years most of the successful pro cash players generally kept a low profile , you kept yourself to yourself and just got on with the job of winning money. Obviously this has all changed and now with public acceptance and media interest it is better to be well known than cloaked in secrecy. Hence my new-found fame??? as a TV commentator and columnist".

    Pete was approached in 2004 by E.P.T. supremo John Duthie and asked if he would help out doing background work for the TV on the E.P.T. Main Event in Monte Carlo. Pete says," It was an interesting offer and Monte Carlo sounded inviting so I thought I would give it a go".

    As things turned out this proved to be a wise move for Pete as the TV company were impressed by his poker ability and knowledge and following this several other TV companies asked him to help produce programmes. Since then he has worked on several productions including work for or on The Poker Channel, The World Headsup, Bet 24 Nordic Poker King, and Viasat Sports Denmark.

    Along the way he has teamed up with the American commentator and journalist Mike Carlson and now the pair of them are considered by many to be the best and most knowledgeable poker commentary team.

    Pete will be writing a fortnightly column on the site and this will include snippets from events he has recently visited, any programmes he`s working on plus the odd "blast from the past" to hopefully keep us enlightened and entertained!