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  • ?75,000 Comp.
    After a couple months chill out I decided to play the weekly ?75,000 comp. Having ploughed my way through 750 players I found myself in the last 6 when this hand came up. I'm the big blind with 47of diamonds. Blinds are 5,000/10,000 (can't remember what ...

    Rocky's Ramblings: Ladbrokes Ladies Euro Champs.
    Poker sponsored 3 of us for the Ladbrokes' European ladies championship. Lynne Beaumont, Robyn O'neile and yours truly, but I'm sorry to say that none of us made it through to the final??...not for the lack of trying however, but the opposition was ...

    Rocky's Ramblings: Forum Freeroll
    I played in the forum freeroll a few Tuesday's ago and got my posterior soundly smacked. What I?m not too sure about is whether I played well and hit brick unbelieving walls, or my opponents were the smart guys and I was the plonker. 2 hand...

    Rocky?s ramblings: The Poltergeist
    A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Irish Open in Dublin. For a change, we decided to take the fast ferry from Hollyhead and so there we were, sitting in the lounge quietly having a cup of coffee. Tom was reading and I was playing sudoku on my...