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  • Rocky's Ramblings: Ladbrokes Ladies Euro Champs. - Lucy Rokach
    Poker sponsored 3 of us for the Ladbrokes' European ladies championship. Lynne Beaumont, Robyn O'neile and yours truly, but I'm sorry to say that none of us made it through to the final??...not for the lack of trying however, but the opposition was ...

    Rocky's Ramblings: Forum Freeroll - Lucy Rokach
    I played in the forum freeroll a few Tuesday's ago and got my posterior soundly smacked. What I?m not too sure about is whether I played well and hit brick unbelieving walls, or my opponents were the smart guys and I was the plonker. 2 hand...

    Leg 4 - GUKPT - Peter Singleton
    Leg four of the GUKPT saw team Trotter, or at least two members of team Trotter - Matt was away on a stag do in Lithuania, Timbuktu outer Mongolia or some place similar, and Dan had decided Butlins, don`t laugh, yes Butlins looked more inviting! Butlins m...

    Rocky?s ramblings: The Poltergeist - Lucy Rokach
    A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Irish Open in Dublin. For a change, we decided to take the fast ferry from Hollyhead and so there we were, sitting in the lounge quietly having a cup of coffee. Tom was reading and I was playing sudoku on my...

    Money Mangement - Peter Singleton
    In last month`s column we discussed cash games and looked at aspects such as game selection, seating, position etc. This months column will follow on from that, as we look a little further along the list of "must haves" to be successful at poker. One of t...

    Wales and.... - Peter Singleton
    So have you ever visited a country and....they charged you to get in? No?...Then try Wales! Now I realise that it`s a small place with a few nice spots but ?5.10p to enter seems a little sheep.. Ooops I mean steep. That`s right the cost of entry via the M...

    Cash Game Lesson - Peter Singleton
    My column will be taking a slight change in direction over the next few months, I will still be providing my usual shitty.. I mean witty... comments, on my week to week poker adventures, but they will be monthly instead of fortnightly and these will now b...

    Walsall and Beyond - Peter Singleton
    As you are possibly already aware, if you follow the forum, our performances at the last GUKPT in Walsall were not too shabby as far as "Team Trotter" goes, but before that I made a brief trip to the Broadway casino`s poker festival in the cen...

    I.C.E and Brighton - Peter Singleton
    The last couple of days have been glorious.. for February anyhow. Most of my time recently has been spent online practicing my tournament skills (more about that in a moment) and taking leisurely strolls on the beach in front of my apartment. Jealous?...

    UKGPT: Bolton - Peter Singleton
    January.. The start of a new year - the weather may be slightly inclement but who cares? There`s the January sales, which nowadays seem to last well into March! There`s the EPT Copenhagen, providing of course you had the foresight to book your seat someti...

    Perception and Awareness - Peter Singleton
    Perception and awareness... two traits vital for success at the poker table more on them in a moment. First off a happy New Year to you all and welcome back..I presume you did take a few days off over the festive period.. good, so well rested and recharge...

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