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Jerry Patterson - The Eight Key Decisions of Casino Gambling

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  • Jerry PattersonIf you're flat betting, i.e., betting the same amount on the casino's even money bets -- each hand of blackjack, roll of the dice (pass line), or spin of the wheel, you get an edge by winning more bets than you lose.

    If you're varying your bet size, you get an edge by knowing when you enter the advantage arena and when to increase your bet.

    Understand these eight key decisions which you make in each of your casino gambling sessions, and you will take giant steps towards grabbing an edge every time you play.

    Time management and money management are the keys for ascending to the advantage arena, for staying there, and for any short-term approach to a potential winning casino gambling session.

    I like to express this idea as eight decisions that you make in conjunction with each gambling session.

    Making these decisions will establish the discipline that most gamblers lack, but most winning gamblers possess - the discipline to Get The Edge!

    They are:

    • Decision 1: To play or not to play
    • Decision 2: Which game to play
    • Decision 3: Which casino to play
    • Decision 4: Which table to play
    • Decision 5: Betting unit size and tactics for increasing the bet
    • Decision 6: When to leave the table
    • Decision 7: When to leave the casino
    • Decision 8: When to terminate the casino session
    Taken together, these eight decisions constitute a Plan Of Action for your gambling trip (if you're traveling to a remote location like Las Vegas) and your gambling sessions. You should think about each one before leaving home and/or before each gambling session, and write down your thoughts on each decision.

    I recommend that you use a small pocket notebook and write down your thinking on each of these decisions before you play. But even if you don't write down your decisions, think about them. You will find that this mental preparation to become mentally ready will contribute to and enhance your winnings or minimize your losses during the inevitable losing sessions.

    Let's examine each decision in detail.

    Decision 1: To Play Or Not To Play

    Ask yourself three questions before you leave home for the casino, or before you leave your hotel room for a session:
    • Am I tired?
    • Am I emotionally upset?
    • Do I have a plan of action of this session?
    If you answered yes to either of the first two, you should seriously consider not playing at this time because your risk of losing is high. Or, if you play, reduce your bet size, or have some fun with the quarter video poker machines.

    The casinos will always be there; go when your energy level is normal or high and you are mentally ready to exercise the discipline to win. Tired or emotionally upset gamblers risk losing their discipline to stick with a plan of action; if this happens, you are usually beaten before you start.

    The third question above regarding the plan of action is, essentially, consciously making these eight decisions. As noted earlier, you should document each one, but even if you don't, think through each one before your session.

    An internationally known gaming author, player, and instructor, Jerry is the author of five gaming books:

  • Casino Gambling
  • Blackjack - A Winner's Handbook
  • Sports Betting - A Winner's Handbook
  • Blackjack's Winning Formula
  • Casino Gambler's Winning Edge.

    The two most popular are Casino Gambling and Blackjack: A Winner?s Handbook. Either can be purchased at Amazon by clicking the links below, or at Jerry?s Web Site:

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