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Frank Scoblete - The Oracle at Odds - Part 6

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  • Frank Scoblete50. What are the odds of a Royal Flush in video poker?
    Around 40,000 to one.

    51. What are the odds of a royal flush in Caribbean Stud?
    In a five-card hand, the odds are 649,739 to one to get a royal flush. These are the same odds for Let It Ride, as well.

    52. What are the odds of getting a blackjack?
    About 20 to one.

    53. I understand that some progressive video poker and slot machines are sometimes favorable for the players. Is that so?
    Yes, but don?t get too excited. When certain progressive jackpots are at certain levels, the players have a mathematical advantage because, when the payout comes, the totality of the money going out, as opposed to coming in, will be greater. Unfortunately, only one player actually wins the progressive and the others are left holding a (more-than-likely) losing hand. The only way it becomes a positive expectation for all the players playing is if they have agreed beforehand to split the pot.

    54. How much do the casinos actually make in a year?
    They grossed about 680 billion dollars in 1997 and netted around 60 billion -- which is more than the gross national product of oil-rich Kuwait when I last looked. Not bad. Put another way, the entire casino industry makes enough in one year to buy Bill Gates.

    55. How many people visit casinos every year?
    About 53 million Americans and a tremendous number of foreigners as well.

    56. Do you think that casino gambling should be allowed in every state and jurisdiction in the land?
    Yes. The more competition between casinos, the better it is for the players. The only problem with the spread of gambling is with problem gamblers. But that?s always the way, isn?t it? The few who can?t handle something make it difficult for the rest of us to be able to enjoy that something.

    57. Is Spanish 21 a good game?
    Yes. If you use the new Armada basic strategy, you can reduce the house edge to 0.82 percent. If you use the Armada ruse, you can get a slight ?monetary? advantage over the house, as well. However, if you use the basic strategy for traditional blackjack, the game will bury you as you?ll face a house edge of three percent or more. People who play Spanish 21 say it is a much more exciting version of blackjack than the traditional one.

    58. What percent of the time does the dealer qualify in Caribbean Stud?
    The dealer will qualify approximately 56.32 percent of the time. That?s what makes the game so frustrating -- you have a good hand and the dealer doesn?t qualify! Ugh!

    59. I love Three-Card Poker. What is the best strategy?
    Play queen high or better. Don?t make the Pairs Plus bet.

    60. What is your opinion about tipping dealers?
    The same as my opinion about tipping waiters and waitresses. It?s a part of the cost of enjoying that particular service or activity. Dealers need tips to make a decent living. If the casino were to pay a living wage to dealers and not allow them to accept tips, the casinos would have to figure a way to make up the lost revenue -- most likely by increasing table minimums and decreasing payouts on machines. So tipping for good dealers who give good service should be a part of your gambling routine.

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