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Frank Scoblete - Protect Yourself Against BAD Guys - Part 2

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  • Frank Scoblete6. Eyeball Their Eyeballs. Never be afraid to look someone in the eyes. Thieves love the fact that most of us are shy about really eyeballing other people. They realize that most human prey are leery of looking folks square in the face as this is an aggressive, perhaps challenging attitude. And that is just the kind of attitude you want to have in a casino or casino-hotel. If you think someone is eyeing you, or following you, or getting too close to you -- turn and look him dead in the face. In fact, make it obvious that you are trying to remember his face! Unless the individual is a psychopath who is intent on killing you whether you know what he looks like or not (in which case it doesn?t matter if you look at him or don?t look at him), most criminals don?t want to be seen and will quickly scurry into the woodwork when you eyeball them.

    7. Don?t Get Taken for a Ride. Never get into an elevator with someone who makes you think: ?Should I get into the elevator with this person?? If you feel the least bit uncomfortable, if a single hackle goes up, don?t get in! Many women I know ignore that little voice that says to them: ?Don?t get into the elevator with that guy.? Instead, they rationalize, ?I?m just being paranoid because of the person?s race, or ethnicity, or dress. He?ll feel bad if he knows I didn?t get in the elevator because of him.? The hell with his feelings! It?s your safety that is of paramount concern. If the person?s dress, or look, or carriage, or comportment, or anything about that person makes you a little fearful, then let him (or her) get into the elevator and you take the next one. It is better to hurt someone else?s feelings than to chance being assaulted and having your purse or wallet stolen, or worse, your body and soul traumatized. I believe that nature has given us a sixth sense when it comes to danger but most of us ignore it to our obvious peril. Trust in your feelings when it comes to danger. The worst that can happen if you are mistaken is some guy?s feelings are hurt and you get to your room a few minutes later than you planned.

    8. Up Against the Wall. When you are in the elevator, try to be up against the back wall, or against the side wall. You want to be able to see everyone clearly. Jimmy P., an Atlantic City player and a member of the Captain?s Crew, had his wallet lifted in an elevator. ?I didn?t even know it was gone until I got to the room. I knew I had it when I got into the elevator. When I got into the room it was gone. The elevator was crowded too and I was pressed up against the front door.?

    9. Hand to Money. If someone bumps you, jostles you, or even rubs gently against you, immediately grab the pocket where your wallet is, or grab your purse. Then look to see what?s going on. The quick reflex must always be hand to money!

    10. Valet is the Way. Always use valet parking, even if you have to pay for it. This was dramatically brought home to me when I saw video of a man who was assaulted in the Mirage parking garage, a well-lit, relatively secure facility. In fact, the cameras picked up the assault with graphic detail. I think security even caught the perpetrator. But that didn?t lessen the effects of the bad guy?s punches as he pummeled his innocent victim, nor the lifelong trauma such a victim experiences once having been used as a heavy bag. It?s much better not to be mugged than to have your mugger get caught!

    11. Yell ?Fire!? in a Crowded Building. If you are already on your floor and walking down the hall and someone accosts you, do not yell for help. Instead, yell ?FIRE!? at the top of your lungs. Very few people will physically put themselves on the firing line for someone who is being mugged, but almost everyone will run out of their rooms if they think a fire is occurring. Just keep yelling ?Fire! Fire! Fire!?

    12. Knock on Any Door. If you are walking down your hotel hallway and you are suspicious of the individual trailing you, stop, and knock on the door of whatever room you stopped in front of. Then knock on the door next to it. And on the one next to it. You might even mutter: ?I forgot which room we?re all in.? Just keep knocking on doors. Some are bound to have people answer. It?s a rare mugger who will wait around to see which room you really have. Muggers usually like to do their nastiness in silent secrecy.

    13. Don?t Trust a Key Check. Do not assume just because a casino-hotel posts security at the downstairs elevators that you are in fact secure. Some casinos make you show your room key before letting you on the elevators. This gives many an unwary hotel guest a false sense of security. It is not too difficult to get a hotel key for any hotel in Vegas, Atlantic City, or anywhere USA. The casinos rarely change their plastic key design, just the combination that opens the individual doors of the rooms. Even though a key found last week by a criminal won?t open any doors, it will open the hotel floors to him. That?s all he needs. Once he passes security, the hotel is his. In crowded casinos, such a bad guy will enter the elevator banks with a crowd of people, flash the outdated key, enter the elevator, notice the weakest-wealthiest prey and get off at that person?s floor with him or her. So use that same sixth sense of yours when deciding to get on the elevator with individuals even if they have passed the security check point by showing a key.

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