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Frank Scoblete - New Craps Book Answers Your Questions

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  • Frank ScobleteSome craps players have dozens, if not hundreds, of questions about their favorite game. So many myths exist in craps, so much ritual and history, so many bets and combinations of bets, that knowing it all is a seemingly daunting task. That?s why craps books are the second leading sellers in the bookstores and on the Internet behind blackjack books. Some craps players are hungry for as much information as they can get, realizing that the more they know, the better they will be off economically when they tackle the casinos.

    Some other craps players, on the other hand, think they know everything there is to know about the game -- having never read a thing about it -- and are quick to tell you, and everyone around you, what they know. Thankfully, this doesn?t take too long, even if it is loud.

    So which are you? The thoughtful inquirer or the pompous pontificator? If you are the former, you will rejoice as a new book has just come out specifically designed to answer your questions about this fast-paced and exciting casino game. If you are the latter, well, you know everything anyway and what you don?t know isn?t worth knowing, now, is it? So, for those of you with a serious interest in craps, and a host of questions about this fabulous game, The Craps Answer Book [Bonus Books, $13.95] is a must-have addition to your gambling library. It?s by gaming expert John Grochowski, author of the best-selling ?answer book? series, The Casino Answer Book, The Slot Machine Answer Book, and The Video Poker Answer Book.

    The book is thorough, well-researched and well-written, which is true of all Grochowski?s work. When you see Grochowski?s name on a book, article or speakers? symposium (and whether you know how to pronounce that name or not, it?s Gra-house-key), you know you are in for the very best in gaming information presented in a palatable and highly enjoyable way.

    As with Grochowski?s previous works, the book is divided into a series of questions and answers with detailed explanations. There are ten chapters in all (cleverly titled ?passes?), with each chapter divided into two parts -- the questions and the answers with explanations. There are sections on the history of the game, the vocabulary of the game, how the game is played, the good and bad bets of the game, and the various systems that have been developed in an attempt to beat the game. The 10th chapter is a series of questions that have been sent to him over the years as a columnist for the Chicago Sun Times, Midwest Gaming and Travel and other publications. Grochowski answers them in detail, always pointing players to make the most of the best bets in craps and avoid the worst.

    The Craps Answer Book does not disappoint even the most learned of craps players. Here?s a sample of some of the background information: Did you know that dice have been found in Late Stone Age Iraq? Were you aware that dice have been made out of numerous materials, including wood, bone, clay, and stone, and that today?s dice are made from cellulose? You?ll find other interesting bits of information in the background chapters as well.

    More important, Grochowski takes you on a complete tour of a casino craps table, from the layout to the multitude of bets to the systems people love to play. Here?s a sample: Did you know that no hedging system can reduce the house edge? Grochowski demonstrates why hedging otherwise good bets with otherwise worse bets actually hurts the player in the long run. He shows how to get more for your money than meets the eye when buying bets. He explains the best way to keep the house edge at bay and what that means for your bankroll.

    If you want to know the house edge on all the major bets in the game of craps, you?ll find them in this book, with explanations for why the edge is what it is. Often craps books merely tell us that the edge is thus and such but never explain how the casino actually makes money from the players who make such bets. You will find satisfying explanations in The Craps Answer Book.

    My personal opinion, one that I know I share with many players, is that craps is the most exciting game in the casino. Yet, for some, it can be the most frustrating game if the wrong bets are made, that is, bets with a high house edge -- and there are more bad bets at craps than good bets. Writers such as Grochowski, and books such as The Craps Answer Book, are the keys to not only making the most of your casino experience but also in having a chance to bring home the money, which is after all the be-all and end-all of casino gambling.

    Follow Grochowski?s advice and you can?t go wrong. And, if he doesn?t answer every question you have about the game of craps, you can write him at the Chicago Sun Times or c/o Midwest Gaming and Travel Magazine, for a personal response. There?s a reason why John Grochowski is known as the ?answer man,? he knows casino gambling as very few writers do and he knows how to get his points across in a highly pleasing way. The Craps Answer Book is another worthy addition to gaming literature.

    The Craps Answer Book is from Paone Press at 1-800-944-0406.

    Some of Frank's most popular books can be purchased by clicking one of the image links below:

    cover cover cover cover

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