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Lucy Rokach - ?75,000 Comp.

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  • Lucy RokachAfter a couple months chill out I decided to play the weekly ?75,000 comp. Having ploughed my way through 750 players I found myself in the last 6 when this hand came up. I'm the big blind with 47of diamonds. Blinds are 5,000/10,000 (can't remember what the antes were) and the chip leader (about twice my stack) makes it 20,000 to play. Another player with the same chips as me calls so that the pot now stands at about 65,000. Can't say I'm over excited about my hand but the pot odds are great, I'm pretty sure my cards are live and it won't cost me too much frrom my 290,000 stack, so I call. The flop is Ace and Jack of diamonds and 4 of spades.

    Quite nice considering my piece of crap but I want to see what the others are going to do. Pre-flop raiser checks, caller bets the pot, I call but now raiser moves all in. Bettor passes now it's crunch time. The pot is now 470,000 and I still have over 200,000 (just over average) so I can pass and still have a very playable stack. On the other hand, I've got at least 8 outs (my flush draw) and maybe even 14 outs if the aggressor only has 1 pair for which I'm getting really good odds. If this were a cash game, there would be no question of passing, but this is a tournament. 6th prize is 3000 & first is 18,000. I can pass and battle on, I can gamble and if I win will surely get into the top 3 or I can gamble and lose.

    I gambled and lost. What do you guys think?

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