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Lucy Rokach - Rocky's Ramblings: Ladbrokes Ladies Euro Champs.

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  • Lucy RokachPoker sponsored 3 of us for the Ladbrokes' European ladies championship. Lynne Beaumont, Robyn O'neile and yours truly, but I'm sorry to say that none of us made it through to the final??...not for the lack of trying however, but the opposition was tough. What impressed me was the overall standard of play. These ladies were no pushovers. Not only did they play aggressively, but also once eliminated, several that I talked to, wanted to analyse their play with a view to improving it. Lynne Beaumont for example, made a big preflop reraise with big slick and got called. She didn't hit anything on the rag flop but the other lady checked so she bet the pot, her opponent checkraised all in with a pair of jacks, Lynne called (pot committed) and lost the pot.
    Now there's 2 ways of looking at this...
    1) Either the first lady has a monster and slowplayed it??.in which case Lynne should check the pot down if allowed to
    2) The other player has also missed the flop, in which case Lynne should bet to pick it up

    But which is the correct play? Well, it depends on 3 things. First of all and perhaps most importantly, are you pot committed? If you are then it's a no brainer. Secondly, how much of a read do you have on your opponent? For instance, will she roll over and die if you bet? Thirdly, are you a survivor or a chip you need to have a hand to bet or do you frequently stick your neck out on a wing and a prayer?

    What do I think? Well, one thing for sure, once I've decided my course of action, I don't beat myself up when it goes pear-shaped (which it often does). And the reason is that, over the years I've realised that to actually win a tournament you actually have to do the wrong thing at the right time.

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