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Lucy Rokach - Rocky's Ramblings: Forum Freeroll

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  • Lucy RokachI played in the forum freeroll a few Tuesday's ago and got my posterior soundly smacked. What I?m not too sure about is whether I played well and hit brick unbelieving walls, or my opponents were the smart guys and I was the plonker. 2 hands stand out for special scrutiny.

    In the first situation, there was a preflop raise if not also a reraise, which I called. So now the 2 of us are heads-up. The flop is Ace high & the aggressor checks, I bet he called, same on turn & a repeat on the river except that I bet about ? the pot trying to represent a sucker bet. But he wasn?t buying and called me with his pocket pair of 10?s, and naturally won the pot as I had zilch. The point is, did he make an excellent read or is his refusal to part with his pair in the face of repeated onslaught a sure fire recipe for losing all his chips?

    In the 2nd. (and ultimately terminal) hand, I limped early doors with J9 and called a raise with it. A rainbow flop of 87 rag looked good for my holding, but I checked to see what the preflop raiser was going to do. Of course he bet so I checkraised him about the pot, correctly believing that if I was behind, I still had 10 outs with 2 cards to come. Now at this stage, I don?t think he was pot committed, but he proceeded to reraise all in and naturally I called. He had A7. He just had the 2nd. pair but wasn?t about to release it?..mmmmmmm.

    My question to you guys is this. Whose is the better and ultimately winning play?

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