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Lucy Rokach - Rocky?s ramblings: The Poltergeist

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  • Lucy RokachA funny thing happened to me on the way to the Irish Open in Dublin. For a change, we decided to take the fast ferry from Hollyhead and so there we were, sitting in the lounge quietly having a cup of coffee. Tom was reading and I was playing sudoku on my laptop and the sea was so calm, you couldn?t tell you were moving. Suddenly a poltergeist appeared from nowhere and my cup of coffee ended up watering the laptop. He did a runner as I did the best I could to wipe the laptop clean. It carried on working so all seemed OK, and I thought no more of it.

    We got to our friends house, unpacked, had some grub and I decided to chill out and play some more sudoku, but alas, the keyboard refused to co-operate?. obviously still a bit damp from the coffee. In such situations there?s only one thing a girl can do. I borrowed a hair drier and just as I switched it on, that pesky poltergeist re-appeared, grabbed it out of my hand, put it on max and started to waft it over the keyboard. As I watched helplessly, the keyboard started to melt. Needless to say, the little brat did another runner leaving me with a ruined laptop.

    Things went from bad to worse. Not satisfied with destroying an expensive piece of equipment, the poltergeist took it upon himself to intervene every time I played poker. When I wanted to pass, he made me call , and when I wanted to call , he raised. I had no control whatsoever over my chip movement, and that guys is why I had an early bath in every tournament in Dublin.

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