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Gambling Online Magazine - Bizarre Betting

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  • Gambling Online MagazineFrom Og placing his last shiny rock on the stone slab over the Sabre tooth brawl, right down to the most advanced and modern form of gambling, a wide variety has permeated man?s life. The more ?conventional? betting takes place over normal games and challenges surrounding sport and cards, however, the drive to find new and more unusual and exciting ways to lose money has driven men to do some rather unusual things.

    One of the first unusual bets that springs to mind is a certain Englishman wagering ?20000 (a princely sum in those days) to travel around the globe in eighty days. Although this is obvious fiction, it is indicative of man?s desire to outdo his opponent. In gambling?s rich past there have undoubtedly been some very strange wagers, most of which, rather wisely, go unrecorded. A few others however, make the headlines and enter forever into the records of the bizarre betting history book.

    To cite a few examples of a few unusual bets that has taken place. In the beginning of the 1950?s David Threlfall bet ?10 that man would walk on the moon by the end of the ?60?s, and he cleaner up with odds of 1,000-1. Matthew Dumbrell staked ?1 that the world would end in August 1999, which draws question of exactly how he would be paid if right. Elvis Presley is unsurprisingly the target of many wagers, from whether or not he is still alive at 1,000-1, or at 14,000,000-1 if The King would crash a UFO into the Lock Ness Monster.

    In the UK recently there have been some interesting bets with a father betting that his son would play for the English Football Team, and he won. Another made a bet on what age his son would cut his first tooth. This is in stark contrast to the fellow from High Wycombe who sold his house and all his worldly belongings and flew to Vegas with ?147,000. He placed the entire amount on a roulette table and doubled his money. Interesting way to make your fortune, if you had the nerve to literally lay everything on the line.

    Deep within every one of us is a seed that when germinated cannot resist the urge to wager on the outcome of something. From children on the playground playing for marbles to the highest stake poker games in Vegas, it is here in all of us. Not surprising really that the urge to create bizarre ways to gamble happen constantly and it seems that the best way to deal with this is to try it, with a little restraint of course. Next time an unusual idea strikes, why not place a wager either with the person in the office or with a gambling house. If anything, it will make the whole deal that much more interesting.

    Stephen Holder

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