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Gambling Online Magazine - Gambling the Future

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  • Gambling Online MagazineThe future of gambling has taken yet another step forward with revolutionary new software that will allow players to gamble on the move. Many years ago, gambling in places other than designated buildings and businesses such as casinos, would have seemed impossible. Patrons used to make the effort to go to casinos where they could face their opponents in the eye, take part in what seemed considerably more elegant, and test their skill in the live game environment. Moving into the future, gambling grew in popularity, with casinos and gambling houses springing up all over, which opened the gates for further advancement. In those days, apart from a few less-then-legal public/private betting houses, and the private game at home among friends, there wasn?t anywhere else to go.

    Then the internet came along and like virtually everything else, gambling took off in the online environment and soared to great heights. Via the internet, a discerning gambler could bet on pretty much anything, such as the traditional casino games, the movements of stock markets, the gender of movie stars children, the year that man will first land on Mars, and any number of sports, all from the comforts of home.

    With very good reason, that oddly took everybody by surprise, the internet bubble burst, leaving a great deal of destruction in its wake. The only businesses that managed to survive dealt in a legitimate trade and one such business was gambling. Now gambling has built one of the largest online businesses, managing to attract a worldwide trade that is thriving, and going to get even bigger.

    The average player can access any number of online casinos over the internet and now this has been taken a step further with the introduction and advancement of mobile communication. The steady rise of this new technology works perfectly with the gambling industry as players will now be able to gamble from PDAs, mobile phones and other wireless hand held devices.

    A new Canada-based company, Phantom Fiber, is helping to lead the mobile gambling uprising, providing wireless solutions to online casinos. Players can use Phantom Fiber and other similar infrastructure to access casinos online in order to gamble on the hoof. They merely need to download the software to their technology and start playing. It won?t be long before many other companies follow suit and experts predict that this move will increase the revenues of the industry by 900 percent over the next three years. This staggering figure is suggestive of the effect that gambling has and now that it has become so much more accessible, things will be looking very good for online casinos and other gambling companies.

    Like all those years ago, when the future would have seemed unattainable and impossible, so too does much more advancement than this seem like science fiction. However, lessons from the past should teach us that future advancement could usher in many new and exciting forms of technology to make lives easier and more interesting.

    Stephen Holder

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