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Peter Singleton - GUKPT Newcastle

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  • Peter SingletonThis months leg of the GUKPT saw Team Trotter assemble on the banks of the great river Tyne... well, not exactly. It was more like team "Trot" as both Matt and Dan were missing in action...Who knows.

    So along with Jen Mason, our part time team member, I made the long trek north. I had chosen Friday as my start day to save on expenses and so it seemed had most others: Day 1 presented a grand total of just 60 runners. Wow! That must be the lowest number of entries of any Day 1 since the start. Jen had wisely(?) chosen Thursday has her start day, but alas, it would also be her finish day as well.

    I arrived in Newcastle early on Thursday evening planning to have a short session in the usually lucrative cash games that follow this tour around, but on this occasion these were sadly lacking in numbers (read: not enough Fish). Eventually, nursing a small loss in a no limit hold-em game I decided an early night was in order, ready for the following day and a 2pm start for the main event.

    Friday's entrants had by 2pm swelled to 120 with several alternates waiting in the wings. This was obviously well up on Thursdays entries.... but still a far cry from last year. I begin to wonder if the lack of TV and the cost of entries, travel and accommodation are starting to take their toll. It seems that many players are beginning to pick and choose their entries and giving the less popular and less convenient events a miss.

    Friday at 2pm we sat down to do battle. My plan was to sit tight for level one, take on board all the information I could and then use the info to accumulate chips. So far so good. As with all plans things can go wrong and mine was no exception! Other than an early exchange with Praz Bansi and another player in which I sadly came off worst, the opportunities and the hands just didn't seem to materialise. I can honestly say that this turned out to be the most frustrating tournament I have played in for many a year. Having never got above 14,000 and finishing the day on 6000 I was depressed, disheartened and disappointed to say the least.

    In last years Newcastle GUKPT I finished 12th and felt certain I could improve on that, but with only 6000 to take forward to day 2 I had my work cut out. One thing I don`t do well is quit, and if there is one thing I have learned from my years of playing it is: never, ever give up. Things can change!

    So day 2 dawned, armed with a new plan of Pick a Suitable Hand or Position and Push. It worked once with pocket 5`s but my second push with KQ Suited ironically served up some more pocket 5`s. With no help from the board, that was that. A long trek north for absolutely no joy whatsoever!

    My only other live tournament in May was a trip to DTD Nottingham for their monthly ?300 freeze-out. Again my efforts came to nothing finally finishing 18th out of a mammoth field of around 197 and a prize pool of ?59,000. I will be back for another crack at this one next month, that`s for sure. The venue and tournament is excellent and must rank as one of the best value competitions in the country. The only downside was having to listen to Mr Trumper's inane patter on the microphone! Oh well, every venue has some downside.

    Team Trotters next outing is the GBT series in Bristol this week. As this is the home ground for, Matt is looking for a big turnout from the online regulars and players from the LPL. So if you have the cash and the time, get along to Gala Harbourside and we`ll have some fun! Hopefully we'll also rustle up a few results to brighten the week.

    See you there!

    Until next time...Stay safe, play well and enjoy your poker.

    Pete "The Professor" Singleton.

    Pete can be contacted at:

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