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Peter Singleton - 2008... The start of something big?

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  • Peter Singleton2008... The start of something big?

    Team "Trotter" looks like being a slightly smaller line-up for 2008. Dan is firmly ensconced as the teams number one and rightly so. I will be playing the support role so, I suppose... we could rename ourselves Team "Ferrari Trotter" ala Schumacher and Barichelo. Though on game day there are no team orders, so it will still be every man or woman for themselves! Oh I forgot to mention this year we will on occasions be joined by another female player in the form of up and coming UK pro Jen Mason. Jen has already had one or two great results in 2007. She`s getting better all the time, so look out UK poker scene team "Trotter" is all revved up and raring to go!

    Our first outing for 2008 was at the opening event of the GUKPT down in sunny Brighton. Sunny? well on my start day (Thursday) it was down , the car park was full, So was the local public parking and eventually... I finally found parking.... about a mile and a half away! Having walked back to the venue in the rain and gale force wind, my first thought on entering the casino was......I hate the Grosvenor Brighton!!

    Once dried off and seated, I tuned in to the job at hand, duly managing to lose over two thirds of my stack having trip fives cracked by a rivered flush, swiftly followed by pocket kings cut down on the flop by a pair of eights flopping trips! ...What a start!

    Also, It was my Birthday to boot...yes really, 49 yrs of grit and grind....Many happy returns. Having abandoned my idea of telling all and sundry the importance of the day, and cancelling my plan to plead sympathy and, that people go easy on the old boy, I dug in for the long haul back.

    Dan on the other hand was making steady progress and our guest player James "The Blonde Bomber" Aitkin's or as Matt [edit by Matt: This is actually Dan's nickname for him] has christened him the "Atkinator" (yes I agree....Matt does read too many comics) was doing quite all right thank you very much, building a big juicy stack. We also had our eyes on Jen (in a purely plutonic way) as whilst she wasn`t on the team for this event, we all knew she would be keen to get a good result prior to her official debut, which, Matt reliably informs me could be at the next event in Walsall? ("Reliable" in Matt`s terms means ...definitely, possibly, probably, maybe)

    Now with operation "duck-n-dive" firmly in place....its comeback time! Courtesy of lets just say a "wide variety" of hands, a nice double up courtesy of pocket aces enables me to reach the meal break back up around my starting stack....Phew!

    Avoiding the long queue at the players buffet, James, Dan and I trot around the corner for a Chinese meal. On the restart my new plan is to do whatever it takes to make day two so the "Play" mode button was firmly pushed. I had decided that with the onset of the running antes it was now or never, no desperate plays but.....some well timed moves were.. absolutely.. order of the day. Come the final bell on day one I had my stack up into the twenty something thousand...not bad for me! Of course the grin was soon wiped off my face as my team mates told me just how big their stacks on earth? Never mind we were all through to day two.

    Day Two "On A Mission". After a steady start with around a 25% increase in my stack the key hand of my whole tournament arrived. After a raise of 6,000 from a relatively short stack of around 18,000 I looked down to find pocket tens. Glancing around at the two players left to act I decided that my best move would be to move all in for around 29,000 to try to isolate the original raiser, the instant "All in" from the largest stack (85,000) at the table immediately to my left wasn`t quite what I had in mind! The original raiser mumbles something about value and reluctantly puts the rest of his stack in ...on there backs. Original raiser 2,2 me 10,10 and the big stack A,K.....we race.

    Flop 9,J,Q,...not bad, cuts down the A,K s outs a little, the 7 on the turn puts me firmly in charge of this baby and a final table place is in the offing that is until a 2 appears on the river...oh bollocks! The main pot of around 60,000 goes to the trip two`s and I win the side pot of 18,000, but oh how different it could have been.....never mind. Fifteen minutes later after going nowhere fast I push all in for 16,000, again tangling with the big stack . The last player to act then flips up his 7-4 of clubs into the muck with the statement " I could put a bad beat on both of you with these suckers". On there backs , me A,J, and the big stack ?.... pocket 7s.

    Well the appearance of a jack followed by the case seven on the flop kinda sums up my attempts....exit in 30-something Mr Singleton. Unfortunately Dan and James fared little better though Jen did manage a very creditable 12th. I think all the team played very well and this year with just a bit of good form "Team Trotter" will take down a few of the UKs top tournaments.... of that I have no doubt!

    Now....a quiz entitled "Where am I"... I`m in a city, the venue is a kind of cross between a back street pub and a kennel. There's a variety of massage parlour /saunas a few doors down, prostitutes and pimps on every street corner and drug dealers roam the back alleys.., Oh and the constant wail of sirens and blue flashing lights on the street outside is very reassuring indeed.

    Worked it out yet?....The Christmas bash..... of course!! Okay it wasn`t quite as bad as my description above and unless we hold next years bash in a "crack" house in the Bronx... it wasn`t quite what I, and I suspect many others of you had in mind ... WTF was Matt thinking?

    Granted there was a free bar, (a very nice gesture Matt and sincere thanks) the "BudVieser" ( No I havn`t misspelt it) was fine but, "emptying" out afterwards was a nightmare, and as more than one person asked "Have you seen the state of the men's toilets" what you put into the urinal immediately emptied out..... onto your feet!...."just pee in a dark corner. .everyone else does" was one wags reply. Okay, I`m exaggerating...not by much though.

    A big thanks to all of you that turned up, I can`t remember all I spoke to but, Woody, Raiser, Citrus and Padster were a few and of course Walty. Who could forget dear old Walty, bless him. I had to smile when he said "I`m just off to my hotel to shower and change" why bother?... was one comment! "If I`m not back before dark...please send out a search party" was his cheerful reply.

    The afternoon was taken up by an appearance of the poker circus supplied by "Mad" Marty Wilson and a big thanks to him and also "Catman" for spicing up everyone's poker tournament afternoon. Incidentally Marty's second show was cancelled as he claimed that everyone was "too drunk" to appreciate his offerings....What did he mean? Personally I thought he, like many others, wanted to be gone from the area well before nightfall.

    The evenings entertainment was say the least. Dicemans poker "rap" was errr....different. A game of "rock, paper, Scissors resulted in a gripping final between "Donk Dale" and Jen Mason... Mr Dale proving again too clever and wily and for his female opponent...Boo, Hiss...Bully.

    Music at least I think that`s what the local Bristolian`s called it. (It bore no resemblance to what the rest of the human race would class as music) was supplied by some guy with a guitar of which he could play three or four notes and a very good "magic box" that did everything else, backing track, drums etc, in fact... if he`d just shut up wailing and put that goddam guitar down ...we would get our hearing back! (Note to Matt; Next year I`ll volunteer my services as DJ for the day.)

    Talking of which after our free Pizzas (again.. sincere thanks Matt) A local DJ appeared and tried to destroy what was left of our now most of the crowd had gone home and so myself and wifey accompanied by Dan and his bewildered girlfriend bid the remaining revellers a fond farewell..

    So all in all a very different, if not to say, unusual...Christmas party, the likes of which, I have not encountered before and possibly never will again....hopefully! Of course this was only my light-hearted (some would say cynical) take on the may have other ideas so maybe a thread on the forum to debate further the delights of the day? I`ll start it off entitled....."The Bristol "Bronx" Party"

    Next up Team Trotter ventures to Walsall for leg 2 of the GUKPT. Feb 11th-17th. The Team on this occasion will be Dan, and..??? possibly, probably maybe ?...Jen mason and.... yours truly. Dependant of course on Matt`s views of my latest column ( One day I`m sure I will overstep the mark with these columns)...Err ....see you there...probably, possibly, maybe.

    Until next time, Stay safe, play well and..... avoid the Poker.Co.Uk Christmas Party unless... you have banned substances for sale

    Pete "The Professor" Singleton.

    Pete can be contacted at:

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