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Peter Singleton - Leg 4 - GUKPT

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  • Peter SingletonLeg four of the GUKPT saw team Trotter, or at least two members of team Trotter - Matt was away on a stag do in Lithuania, Timbuktu outer Mongolia or some place similar, and Dan had decided Butlins, don`t laugh, yes Butlins looked more inviting! Butlins more inviting than a free shot at nearly 100K? How much money has this kid got I keep asking myself? So it was left to the needy (Myself) and the greedy (Lucy) to fly the flag for team Trotter.

    The support event was ?200 Freeze out N/L Hold-em. By now you would have presumed that Grosvenor would have the running of this tour down like clockwork. Well, yet again it bust a spring. 160 players (Full House) booked and paid the entry fee and by 7pm they had a reserve list of about twenty. As the tournament was about to commence six players had not turned up so the first six on the reserve list awaited the call to join the fray.They were told they would have to wait until the tournament had started to give the late comers a chance to show up.

    Fair enough, well not really. After about six or so hands the reserves started to get anxious that they should now be allocated the spare seats and then the shit really hit the fan! Grosvenor have a ruling that if you are not seated at the start of the tournament then you have lost your seat.... Fair enough, but as the reserves were also not given the seats before the first hand was dealt then by the same ruling they could now not get into the tournament. Well as you can imagine all hell broke loose! Card room supervisors were called, pit bosses and then the general manager all to no avail ..the seats remained empty, what a cock up!

    Why oh why don`t Grosvenor with all it`s vast resources make sure that all it`s cardroom staff are conversant with the running of tournaments and cardroom`s not rocket science for gods sake!

    After the debacle at the start, all went well for at least five minutes, until a ruling was called for on an adjacent table to the one at which I was sat. I don`t know the full story but once again a heated discussion lasting several minutes took place between players and staff resulting in the supervisor saying "That`s my decision get on with it". Five minutes later as murmurs of "complete idiot" were still ringing around the room that same supervisor appeared back at the table and apologised to the players for making what turned out to be the wrong decision!

    All credit to the guy for having the balls to do that. Now if only his superiors had the same attitude, one or two of them mentioning no names.. Ian ...are too busy "brown nosing" with the Grosvenor big wigs.

    For my own efforts I did manage to last a fair while way past "Trough Time" - also Known as the players buffet - and surprisingly enough only one more major cock up marred the evening. That occurred when one of the players returned from the break to find (In his opinion) that his stack was missing 3,000 of the 12,000 chips he said he had before the break. The result? No problem sir, here you are... have another 3,000! As the cries of "what!!" ring around the table... Oh well no harm done then!

    Fortunately I didn`t have to wait long for relief from the night`s debacle, as what should have been an easy double up with pocket aces, versus pocket kings, turns to disaster on the river as the case king arrives to bid me goodnight! Distraught and relieved I wander off into the chilly night air but suddenly realising that the local sport in that area is "Mugging". My stroll turns to a brisk dash for the sanctuary of my car Which by some strange twist of fate is still where I left it and just as importantly...has all four wheels still attached!

    After a days welcome break I return once again to Fort...(I jest you not, it has a seven foot high ram proof steel fence with a security guard!) ...G Casino for the main event.

    Lucy had played on day one and unfortunately had "gone for gold" early, only to find it turned out to be "Fools Gold" resulting in an early bath. My efforts the night after were no better. my plan to "get going early" failed miserably, in fact my plan to get going didn`t all!

    I just didn`t manage to strike hardly a blow. Having said that, an early set of fives beaten by a rivered flush didn`t really get the night off to the start I had anticipated. I have been a little critical on some occasions of players who go "hell for leather" from the off but... now I can see that there may be some method in the madness. The luck factor is now so high on any given day that having chips is absolutely imperative to survive the inevitable gambles players are willing to take against you, regardless of the poor odds they may have on the hand !

    After all, a slow lingering death is no different from a short, sharp, demise...You die either way!

    Next month the tour visits Brighton, where I`m reliably informed, the team will be at full strength and..... Brighton is my lucky venue!..I think..or hope.

    My other main adventure in the past couple of weeks was up to Walsall and their excellent monthly ?300 D/C Freeze-Out. As usual around 100 runners a prize pool of over 30K and.... a first for Walsall... a Great buffet!

    I can heartily recommend this event to you all, it is well worth the effort of getting there. It has a great structure, is well run (Most of the time) and there is usually plenty of cash action for "early victims". On this occasion I was reasonably satisfied with my efforts but, having made the last four tables with half a chance at returning next day to fight for a shot at the final table couldn`t overcome pocket nines with my all in move holding AK Sooo..ted. He called, a rag flop, turn and river and my coin flip turns into flip all... goodbye Walsall. < br>
    At least the traffic was light on the 3am drive home.

    That`s about it for this column, Oh.. no it`s not... I almost forgot. I did attend another "do" this month. The charity night at Bristol County Sports Club. Nice to see so many Poker.Co.Uk forum regulars, some of whom I have already met, and some I wish I hadn`t (LoL) Seriously though great effort by you guys, nice job by Matt on organising and donating both his time and more importantly his money! Some huge Scottish guy kicked my ass in the tourney but I did outlast Dan and Matt though not the scary " Donkbox" who looked positively menacing in his sunglasses and i-pod get up.

    So scant reward, but I did get to meet the sharpest pervert I`ve ever had the misfortune to come across (not that I meet many perv`s you understand) but.... "Waltypies" is definitely a sharp cookie!.

    Matt tells me that we raised over ?1,600 on the night for Nick`s cancer support charity so well done, and a big thank you to all who played in the tournament or contributed via donations, auction and the raffle.

    Now we really are done for this time, so as always,

    Stay safe, play well and enjoy your poker.

    Pete " The Professor" Singleton.

    Pete can be contacted at:

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