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Peter Singleton - Walsall and Beyond

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  • Peter SingletonAs you are possibly already aware, if you follow the forum, our performances at the last GUKPT in Walsall were not too shabby as far as "Team Trotter" goes, but before that I made a brief trip to the Broadway casino`s poker festival in the centre of Birmingham.

    One of my main if I need any, to visit the Broadway casino was the fact that "El Blondie" had invited me to take a look at the new Dusk Till Dawn club over in Nottingham, and added to that the owner Rob Yong wanted a few bits of advice as to the likelihood of it being possible to use the new club as a "TV poker" venue (Television not Transvestite ..before you get too excited). Anyhow it all made for an interesting trip as you will soon see.

    As usual the Broadway`s staff laid on another great show, and as per usual I have nothing but praise for the whole thing. One point that did strike me though was that I thought the number of entries in the tournaments did seem a little lower than normal.. is the poker calendar, now bursting with festivals, one after another, week in week out, finally starting to take it`s toll financially on the contestants? We will have to wait and see, but I feel it may well be a case of...sorry the "gravy train`s" more carriages thank-you.

    The event I had decided to play on my brief visit was Wednesdays ?300 Double chance freeze out. Result wise I don`t have a lot to say for as far I as am concerned there wasn`t one.... not for me anyway! But, I did get to hear the truth regarding the Goodwin/Ivey golf thing, at least according to my pal Marc Goodwin who sat next to me until my untimely exit. I`m not going to say too much about it but suffice it to say that Phil Ivey (according to Marc) didn`t tell the truth when quizzed about the number of shots given to him on a handicap basis by another "famous" poker pro so.. Marc and his playing partner Ram Vaswami agreed to give Mr Ivey the same handicap. Well after about five holes it was plainly obvious that Marc and Ram were going to take a very deep bath and Marc wanted to quit but Ram wanted to carry on and so to save face Marc agreed. After the match ended in a virtual whitewash by Phil the two disgruntled friends negotiated a rematch the next day on a new handicap. Phil apparently agreed to give them a chance to get their money back. So all was well until that same evening when they were all out for a drink together and Marc happened to bump into the "famous" poker player and (again according to Marc) asked him how the hell he managed to beat Phil off this handicap. Said player replied...what handicap??... We play off scratch. Well as you can imagine all hell broke loose with accusations and counter accusations, but to cut a long story short and again according to Marc they will negotiate an agreement at or before the World Series in July. Oh and by the way the so called "Marc Goodwin stealing Phil Ivey`s clubs" video on My tube is a farce... it never happened.

    So after all the excitement on Wednesday or lack of, the next day (Thurs) at 11am I met up with DC (Dave Colclough) for our planned visit to DTD at Nottingham. We left Dave`s car on the services at Tamworth and both travelled across in my car. The new DTD club is conveniently located at a leisure complex on the outskirts of Nottingham with lots of amenities close by including.....a "Lap Dance" club so any financial losses can quickly be soothed away or... if you`re really keen ...added too. The club itself is still very much a work in progress with builders everywhere, but it`s taking shape and from the tour we had with the owner Rob Yong it will be truly awesome when completed, which should be around early May, if all goes to plan.

    After a couple of hours in the company of Rob, DC and I decided to head back to Birmingham and get a bite to eat before that evening`s comp. Arriving back at Tamworth services we both stared at Dave`s car in utter disbelief for on the windscreen was a parking ticket, a goddam parking ticket for parking on a car park!!! Apparently you can only park for up to two hours and then it becomes pay and display. What the hell is this country coming to? Mr Blair... you`ll be taxing pissing next! DC was not best pleased to say the least he growls "Follow F::::ng me" and races off. Now let me give you a bit of free advice.. if ever you meet up with DC and he`s in a bad mood and says "follow me" don`t, he drives like a blind maniac, shooting amber lights, cutting in and out of rush hour traffic it was just like "Mr Toad`s Wild Ride". Of course he makes it safely to our pre- arranged destination.. a pub on the Hagley Road in the centre of Birmingham, I turn up a little later having been stopped by the police for "Driving erratically". I`m let off with a caution but not before the nice lady officer warns me of the fact that it`s now snowing quite heavily a few miles south of Birmingham and "I should drive home carefully".

    We depart the pub having eaten and laughed off the day`s events, him to the Broadway and me home to Kent as the snow is starting to fall quite heavily and, as we all know, modern cars seem to come to a halt in more than an inch of snow... However did my dad cope in the 60`s with regular winter snowfalls of 6" to a foot.. driving an old Austin A.45? Maybe it`s more to do with the morons driving on our roads today than the vehicles involved!

    On to Walsall and the second leg of the GUKPT. Most of you have already seen the outcome of our efforts on the forum but for those that haven`t. Very briefly, I made the final in one of the supporting events, Dan made the final of the main event eventually finishing fourth and Matt made....lots of new friends! So overall, a good performance by me and.... Poker insolvency put off for another month. A great performance by Dan and by far our best team far. And a truly remarkable performance by Matt... so many new friends for so little money!

    Seriously though Dan`s result was very good for the site gaining good publicity via poker publications, website reports and of course a TV appearance. The GUKPT has become the tour to be on and is growing vary rapidly (there were even one or two entries from overseas). The event was full and most of the teething problems that beset the first leg had been ironed out, though one or two still reared their ugly heads but, those not withstanding, this tournament really has become the UK`s premier poker event.

    Oh I almost forgot.. our guest team member was one.. James Aitkin who`s only claim to fame, as far as I know, is that he was the first player out in leg one at Bolton. It`s a very tough... almost S.A.S like selection process to play on our team, and Matt only chooses the very best as guest players on "Team Trotter"!

    The next leg of the GUKPT is at Cardiff on March 23rd and just to make me eat my words above on team selection... Matt has just told me that "Team Trotter" will have Lucy Rokach onboard as a team member. Lucy will be sponsored by Poker.Co.Uk in the next few GUKPT events. As I`m sure you are aware Lucy is regarded as one of the top European players and possibly one of the World`s top female tournament players having won over one million dollars in prize money. Err... right, the bar has been reset at this new pressure on the rest of us now then.. gulp!

    Actually come to think of it I`m pretty sure I`m allergic to Welsh people, oh and I think I have a doctors appointment on the 24th of March, oh yes and it`s my mother`s birthday and...

    See you all sometime next year....until then,

    Stay safe, play well and enjoy your poker.

    Pete "The Ex-Professor" Singleton.

    Pete can be contacted at:

    P.S. Just joking see you all in a couple of weeks. Now, one million dollars eh..Dan how much credit do we have left in our player accounts on Pants at

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