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Peter Singleton - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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  • Peter SingletonMERRY CHRISTMAS, and a happy,lucky, and prosperous New year.

    First off a bit of ass kissing, well you have to get your priorities right, so.. A merry Christmas to Matt and the rest of the team at, thanks for the help and assistance with the printing and editing of my ramblings (column) in 2006 and here`s looking forward to further success in 2007.

    Now as promised a few poker strategy tips as presents for all readers of said columns. Yes I know I`m writing this column in heavy print, I assumed with it being Christmas and.. like me you may partake in the odd beer or two and that being so.. it may help you to focus!

    Whatever level you play at you`ll need a bankroll. Taking good care of this bankroll and managing it correctly will ultimately determine whether you are a success or failure long-term as a poker player. Online bankroll swings can be very severe sometimes up to 30%, that means for example if your bankroll is ?3000 then on a downswing it could go down by ?1000 before you hit another winning run! The key is to maximise your gains and minimise your losses, one tip here is to step down in limits as the downswing persists. A lot of players make the mistake of stepping up to a higher limit hoping to score lucky, that is a fatal mistake. If you are to succeed as a poker player you must be able to handle the emotional and financial swings.

    There is no right or wrong playing style. Pick a style your comfortable with and that suits you personally, just remember every now and then you may have to change it to suit the circumstances. Most people know how to play a tight solid game, some know how to play solid aggressive game, and then we come to the much talked about loose aggressive style. The first two styles are relatively easy to learn and also relatively easy to play against. The third style loose aggressive is a different kettle of fish altogether, its hard to learn and even harder to play against and a word of caution,don`t mistake good loose aggressive play with poor, loose, bad poker. It`s a very fine line don`t cross it.

    Online many players like to chat, me I like to play. The chatterboxes give running commentaries and try to goad opponents into making mistakes, but what a lot of them don`t realise is they are giving away a lot of information. I very rarely chat online but what I always do is leave the chat box on to see what others in the game have to say and you can get a lot of valuable information about your opponents strengths and weaknesses from just watching their spiel. So remember keep stum but watch closely and if you must say something keep it short and decent.

    Game selection is important in live play and vital online. Most of the big cash players online spend as much time watching and making notes as they do playing. My own tip here is to grade every player you come across (on a regular basis)from 1-10. 1 being a fish and 10 a tough pro,that way when you first look at the game you`ll have a good idea as to the comparative strength of the table. When you have two or more fish in the game jump right in but, when the fish leave it may be your time to depart too,who knows you may be down on someone else's list as one of their fish!

    My last tip involves one of the best(In my opinion)ways to build a bankroll online. Sit and go`s can be very lucrative and don`t take hours to complete. A lot of the top tournament pro`s use this method to accumulate entry fees into larger tournaments..a kind of freeroll if you like.
    So a simple formula for cashing in sit and go`s:
    Rock tight for level`s 1-2
    Solid aggressive for levels 3-4
    Loose aggressive for levels 5-6
    Super aggressive late stages including heads up.
    Does it work ? Yes it most certainly does and funnily enough remember those styles mentioned in my earlier paragraph?
    Voila.. an opportunity to practice and perfect them all!

    And now it`s time to say goodbye for this year, I will see you all again in 2007, thanks for all the help and support with my columns.. read constructive criticism and I look forward to hopefully.. entertaining ,enlightening and perhaps educating you poker wise in the upcoming year.

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all,

    Until next time Stay safe, eat well and enjoy the drinks,

    Pete "The Professor" Singleton.

    PS. Turn the bloody computer`s Christmas

    Pete can be contacted at

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