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Peter Singleton - EPT at the Victoria London

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  • Peter SingletonFollowing hot on the heels of Barcelona event number two on the EPT tour was the Victoria casino London.

    Hot on the heels is perhaps in this case a bit of an understatement as the first two events at the Victoria took place at the same time as the last two days of the EPT in Barcelona! This would possibly account for the very poor turnout of only fourty four and thirty nine runners respectively, much to the disappointment of the Vic`s organising team. My only criticism of the current EPT tour is that some of the dates are just a little to close together. Of course if you are a sponsored player or a gazillionaire this really doesn`t matter but for the rest of us .....

    Entries were back to normal for Monday`s three hundred pound pot limit holdem rebuy event. One hundred and forty three hopefuls including yours truly sat on the start line. The eventual winner Mark McClusky took home a nice cheque for ?27,700. and for me a disappointing minor money placing.

    Tuesday`s event the ?1,000 double chance no limit freeze out had a field of one hundred and sixty eight including once again yours truly who managed to last for quiet some time but not as long as the eventual victor Sweden`s Matts Iremark, garnering ?62,500 for his troubles.

    Wednesday`s ?300 no limit freeze out found ninety nine hopefuls perhaps due to a very quick clock and a clash with the final super satellite for next days main EPT event. This was only a one day event and the aforementioned quick clock made for some rapid exits for some players, including me! The eventual winner M Phago took home a prize of ?10,400

    So to the main event a ?3,500 (EPT) no limit holdem freeze out. The main event kicked off (minus yours truly) with a fantastic field of three hundred and ninety eight entries and a total prize pool of ?1,395,000. Yes nearly one and half million pounds! And what a line up, possibly one of the strongest fields ever seen in Europe. Entries included Phil Ivy, Joe Hachem, Isabelle Mercier, The Hendon Mob, Don O`Dea, Johnny Lodden etc, etc.

    And who should turn out victorious in the end? Well none of the above and perhaps not that well know a player, but certainly a well known personality and the first woman to win an EPT event, take a bow, Victoria Coren. So a good result for British Poker (for the second year running a British winner) and a fantastic result for the poker media (a female). So get practising ladies, because who knows with a little hard work and quite a bit of good luck the next EPT winner could be you... Oh and Miss Coren`s prize? a not too shabby half a million pounds. (and possibly one or two offers of marriage)

    As for me my only saviour seemed to be the regular Friday night ?100 no limit rebuy at the nearby Sportsman Club off Marble Arch. All the usual regulars were there plus a handful of Scandinavians one of which turned out to be the recent Barcelona EPT winner Bjorn-Erik Glenne. So another easy line up then...not. Now having just won 600,000 euros could you sit down in a ?100 rebuy event? Well he did, so that must say something about his character, almost a god among mortals I feel.

    Having had such a dismal showing, only one minor result out of four tournaments played, I decided it was time to swallow my pride and take my sorry ass and severely dented bank roll back home to the internet to rebuild my shattered confidence and more importantly - my finances. Bank roll building on the internet I hear you cry - is that possible? Yes it is, and if you think that is a bit unusual I can name at least one top class British pro player who is doing exactly that as you read this article - Which brings me nicely on to my next subject.

    I see from several posts on the forum that quiet a lot of you,uk regulars are interested in improving your game. In fact one or two have surprise, surprise.. even questioned what it takes to become a winning player....Well that ones easy, you just win more often than you lose! (Sorry couldn`t resist). But seriously, do you really want to be a winner? No, I mean really..really want to be a winning poker player? Well it`s possible but it sure ain`t easy... otherwise everybody would be doing it. Here`s a couple of things for you to think about.

    In my opinion about 80% of players are losing players and obviously that would make the other 20% of them break even or winners. Now of that 20% half will only be short term winners because they either got lucky and fluked a major comp, or had a great run of cards etc. But will sadly go bust in the long run, that being between one and ten years. Sorry, but that's the way it is. The other half or 10% of our original figure will be consistent winners and will make somewhere between a small profit.. read meagre/good living and small fortune. So that brings us back to the fact that once again in my opinion only 10% of players are successful in the long run. Now are you still interested in becoming a winner? Ok read on....

    First of all you will need to acquire or build a bank roll. It`s a lot better (sweeter) to play off money you win than money you earn. Secondly, you will need to nurture and grow your bank roll - that`s where good money management comes in. Then you will need to develop game selection skills, always trying to play to your strengths and your opponents weaknesses, "exploitation" is a very apt phrase. You will need a good hand and situation skills - that may well take some time to develop because you will need to play at a level that covers all your expenses and living costs etc.. no point in finding out that your expenses for playing far outweigh the amount that you win, because that kind of defeats the object of the exercise. I threw that one in just in case you were thinking of packing in your day job and playing poker for a living.... God forbid !

    Finally, well not really but I`m getting tired of writing ...finally you`ll need to have a useful amount of poker skills and knowledge to carry out this operation successfully. Now are you still interested in becoming a winning player? Oh I almost forgot ....How do you know that you are a winning player? Records my friends, you keep good, accurate records of all your games played including wins and losses. When it`s written down in black and blood, err sorry , black and white you won`t be able to delude yourself as to how you are doing.

    So still interested?... No I thought not, I told you it wasn`t going to be easy, so on to my final ..........sorry what ??? a couple of you are still interested in becoming winners... well I must say I admire you tenacity but it`s not really worth writing a column on how to win for just a couple of people to read is....ok, ok stop pleading, grovelling doesn`t look good in front of all these fish and stop that foot kissing stuff ...the last guy that got his feet kissed like this got nailed to a cross a few weeks later, I`ve said I`ll do it.

    So my next column will contain tips on building and managing your bank roll, record keeping, game and opponent selection (yes that is possible even on line) in fact most of what you will need to know to set you on the track to becoming a winning player.

    Now, where the hell am I going to get all that information from in the next two weeks ....

    Until next time stay safe, play well, and enjoy your poker.

    Pete"The Professor" Singleton.

    Pete can be contacted at

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