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Peter Singleton - Comments from The Commentator - The World Masters

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  • Peter SingletonLife in the big city isn`t for me but, I do like the big city money (avarice springs to mind) so hello Victoria casino and "The World Masters", though I`m not too sure about the title for the event... it sounds a little bit over the top to me.

    My battle plan was to play Mondays ?1000 NL freeze out, Tuesdays pot limit ?200 rebuy and, if I got a decent result in either, the "Big One". Simple enough ...on paper anyway!

    Unfortunately after busting out in 16th on Monday my simple plan was already falling apart, undeterred I duly coughed up the ?200 for Tuesdays event determined to do better, and as it happened I did: 7th and ?1500, which was nice but someway short of the ?5000 needed for the main event. Oh well, err....Plan B.

    The main event was scheduled to start on Friday at 9pm with an expected field of 150-200 entries. Well it started alright, but with only 45 entries. Now, I know the World cup was on and Las Vegas was looming large in a lot of players minds, but....45 runners ??? I think the Vic got this one wrong !!

    A) Badly scheduled.
    B) ?5000 is way too expensive for most players including me.

    In the end the winner was northerner Osman Mustanoglu, so congrats to "Ozzy" who along with about ?90,000 now holds the dubious title of "World Master" and, he can go around telling everyone he is the "Master of the World"....Sorry Oz I just couldn't resist it.

    As for me I decided that the ?100 No limit rebuy at the Sportsman was more in keeping with plan B. A good decision as it turned out, and my reward ? Second and ?3000. I can wholeheartedly recommend this venue, its well run, has decent prize money and.. you get a free meal with your entry which is a nice touch because the food is great.

    So if your in the capital both literally and financially on a Monday or Friday, check it out - you wont be disappointed.

    Plan B also included a return to the Vic on Sunday for the final event a ?500 no limit freeze out. The winner of the event? None other than my old adversary Mr Neil "Bad Beat" Channing. And me? Seventh again and around ?1200, Not bad, but not good either.

    Incidentally the players were treated to a free finger buffet during the event, is the Vic actually starting to realise they need to encourage custom ? It certainly looks that way.

    On final word on the World Masters - The trophies. Very nice indeed. Superb cut glass affairs that would grace any player's trophy cabinet.

    So, all in all not a bad week I thought to myself as I was driving home late Sunday night, some ?4,000 odd in profit and some valuable ranking points. Yes, a nice week.... that was until my car overheated on the M2 at 4.00am and I sat for two hours watching the foxes and rabbits play chicken on the hard shoulder whilst I waited patiently for the AA to arrive! No-one ever said a poker pros life was easy!

    My next adventure was to the seaside and the Brighton Summer Breeze. I didn't attend the first few events as they didn't have dealers and I won`t put up the entry money plus ten percent for the privilege? of dealing myself..... it`s a principle thing.

    So it`s Thursday when I turn up for the ?300 No limit freeze-out after a pleasant three hour coastal drive through Kent and Sussex. I know, I know... the motorway`s quicker. The casino itself is situated on the sea front in the marina, so it`s easy to get to and there is plenty of free parking. The card room or rooms, is a bit like a rabbit warren at the moment, so it`s not ideal to say the least, but plans for a new one are afoot.

    The event itself was a little late starting and perhaps one or two of the dealers left a little to be desired (a tad more training wouldn't go a miss in one or two cases). Overall though, not too bad, And my result? Last thirty but that`s all she wrote.

    Moving swiftly on to Friday`s ?200 no limit freeze-out (oh, by the way the food in the Rendezvous restaurant is pretty good and the location overlooking the harbour is not too shabby either). Ninety odd runners line up for Friday`s event and after six gruelling hours we`re down to the last nine, then eight, seven, six, five and then they are down to four and I`m out, oh well fifth is better than nothing.

    The main event on Saturday is a five hundred pound double chance freeze-out preceded by a free players buffet. (Food always seem to get a mention). Well, win or lose you have to eat. But on this occasion the buffet's a disappointment. We are treated to a well known Brighton speciality: lamb curry and jacket potato with salad.... Errr, where`s the rice? Nan bread ? Onion Baja? Nope it`s obviously a local thing.

    An early exit for me I`m afraid and I didn't hang around for the final results, so apologies for that. My overall view of Brighton? Not bad but.. just like my own recent tournament results there`s room for some improvement. Their next event is planned for August and I`m told the new card room will be up and running by then, which is certainly a step in the right direction.

    On a different subject a quick congratulations is in order to Richard Redmond aka " Flop Spanker" I think.., I was chatting to him at Brighton, oh, sorry forgot to mention he won the Sunday night" Big One" on one of the major American poker sites (yes that.. star thingy one) and collected a cool $262,000 in a no deal outright win.

    Well no space left so that`s that for this time. I know, I know, I promised the start of my short series on playing Omaha poker and it`s on it`s way and will definitely start in the next column or my names not "Homer-flopspunker".

    Until next time, stay safe, play well, and enjoy your poker.

    Pete"The Professor" Singleton.

    Pete can be contacted at

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